Spring Comes

dear friends,

I have been quiet for a few months.

It truly has been a winter,  an extended retreat into my home and into myself.


As do many women going through perimenopause, I found myself really struggling with related issues and recently underwent a hysterectomy. Christmas left me quite exhausted, then I needed to prepare my body and mind for surgery.


This extended time of introversion has been a beautiful gift though.

I am waking up to the understanding that as women we are very much cyclical beings, predictably and elegantly going through our own seasons. For many years, I have been so hard on myself for the times when I am less productive and engaged with the world,

not understanding that it is during these times that can feel so empty that all is in fact getting ready to be born again.


Over these last few months, I have thought often about my next steps, and the long and winding path that has brought me here. At times it has felt as if I have been waiting for a decade for something to happen,

and then I realize that in fact everything has happened.


I have raised three children, I have buried a mother and a step-mother, I have undergone 3 surgeries one of which was quite major,  I have navigated the school system trying to implement alternative & workable programming, I have supported my husband in his busy and intense career, and have begun to sow the seeds of my own.


And so here I am now.


It feels as if a chapter has ended and a new one is about to begin. Our kids are getting older and I can feel subtle new realities beginning to take shape as life alters in interesting ways,

and this long and winding road now feels as if it has happened in but a moment.


In terms of my work, I need to announce a few things.

Most of you know that I have pulled out of my little retail space and am no longer selling stationery.  I will continue to do more workshops but they, too, are evolving into something new. This will be my last blog from WordPress as I am presently collaboratively  building a beautiful new website that I am so excited about, and much of my writing will stream from there.



Stay tuned friends.                         Spring is on its way.







9 thoughts on “Spring Comes

  1. I’m still staying tuned:). Can’t wait to see what’s next. And it is comforting to know someone else is going through midlife change not just physically but also emotionally. Taking stock, trying to welcome the new . . .


  2. Anonymous says:

    Karen!!! You never cease to amaze me…I wish you healing energy as you recover from surgeries (one of which was major indeed). I hope to see you this summer when I return home. Each summer I venture to do many things but alas life is what it is and I have to go with the flow of it. I find that really enriching and relaxing – going with the flow.
    Yours words always find a wonderful place within me and I look forward to reading more from you when you ‘print’.
    Sending so much love and many hugs,


    • so lovely to re-discover this message my friend. Thank you for your kind words! I am so grateful for FB and for being able to see your kids grow and watch your life unfold….and yes, just going with the flow is by far the most peaceful and realistic approach! xoxo (:


  3. Sharon Stevenson-Ferrari says:

    Thank you Karen for sharing your life through your words with us. You have such a beautiful, gentle way of expressing your thoughts. I am looking forward to your new road and congratulate you on how you have blossomed before my eyes. As always with lots of love, Sharon.💋💋


  4. Anonymous says:

    Sweet Karen,
    I too had a hysterectomy just before Christmas. In the end, it was the best thing after needing blood transfusions, months of Lupron shots and medications for the last 2 years.
    I love reading your posts! Hope things are looking brighter and I look forward to your new adventures!


    • oh wow, Nevine, you have been on quite a health journey too! I, too, am already so happy that I had the hysterectomy. Kind of like getting your life back (: Thanks for the message! Sometimes I wish Olivia had kept up with Irish dancing so that we could be feis moms together! All the best dear friend. xo


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