On Peace.

Such frightening things are happening all around us. Warnings of the effects of climate change, divisiveness among friends and within communities and countries, horrific acts of violence.

Especially for the sensitive and worriers among us, it’s completely terrifying and deeply unsettling.

What is this world that we have created, this world seemingly gone mad? How did we get here, and is there even a way through?


I don’t know.


Yet, there is  a small and still voice from within me that whispers such deceptively simple things~

Stretch. Go for a walk. Move.

Eat wholesome and nutritious foods.

Get enough sleep and get off your phone.

See your kids. Read a book together. Talk to your husband. Go for coffee with a friend.

Look at the sky,     breathe.

Laugh. Play. Continue to Dream.




Because on one hand this world is so obviously ugly and cruel, but then on the other hand it is so very perfect,

positively heart-breaking in its beauty.


A few weeks ago, George learned to knit at school. And one must at least celebrate the goodness of a school and a teacher that promotes knitting, of all things.

My boy that loves quiet and focused tasks has really taken to it, so much so that he quickly decided that for my Christmas gift this year, he was going to knit me a scarf. Fiercely committed he has been to this project, knitting in bursts of time after school, before soccer, while he watches his YouTube videos,

getting faster and more adept each day.

Mom, do you like the width, the length?

Mom, are you sure you like the colors in the yarn we chose? Will you wear it?


Will I wear it? Nothing on earth will stop me from wearing this scarf that was knit for me by my 10 year old boy.


This is a small thing, but the world is full of such precious gifts,

and as we can so easily fall into despair and succumb to fear, so we can also find the courage to create and bask in moments of pure love. Scarves,  moments of connection, random acts of kindness and

the very noticing of all that is good and lovely and the finding of ways that we are all the same.


And as our bodies and hearts and minds grow stronger,

so grows our love force, and then so this love radiates, on and on.


This is what we can do. This far reaching worry about everything that is out of my scope must return to a nurturing of that which is within my reach ~

an encouraging note to my daughter’s teacher, a kind chat with the cashier at the store, a hug for a friend that is grieving,

taking care of myself.


It has been eight months now since my heart surgery. People often ask me how I am doing.

I am doing great. My stamina continues to increase, the persistent cough that I struggled with for the last several years in the fall has completely evaporated, I am able to maintain a much healthier weight, I have colour in my cheeks. To be honest, I am quite in awe of how a healthy body feels.


New projects abound in my mind and I have the energy to entertain them. My family is well and we are looking forward to this Christmas.



This world is in crisis, but we don’t have to be.


…in a time lacking in truth and certainty and filled with anguish and despair, no woman should be shamefaced in attempting to give back to the world, through her work, a portion of its lost heart.                                 -Louise Bogan


My next PeaceCard event will be held January 21, 2016 from 7-9 pm.  Our focus for this event will be creating intentions for a peaceful and abundant new year. Inspiration for this event has partly come from one of my December participants who reminded me of the beautiful book that I have loved for so many years, ‘Simple Abundance’ by Sarah Ban Breathnach. We will be exploring a few of the simple writing and art exercises she introduces in her book (no need to be familiar with the book to attend), as well as participating in a short meditation. Expect lovely teas and a fun door prize. I am also hoping to have in stock some wonderful new cards that I discovered on a recent trip to New York that I will share.   Cost is $40. Early bird price is $35 if you register before Jan. 1.


Wishing you ALL a beautiful Christmas filled with the love of family and friends, peace in your hearts and homes, laughter, delicious food, and sparkles of magic.































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